Maintaining High Attendance

Premium Add-on

Maintaining high attendance is fundamental to delivering a high quality education — and, ultimately, to children achieving the best results they can.

Studybugs helps maintain high attendance by improving children’s health. Our optional Attendance add-on takes things further, freeing up hours every day of staff time, and providing live information and tools to enable staff to be as effective as possible in tackling the underlying causes of pupil absence.

Schools using Studybugs Attendance have seen their attendance increase by 0.5%*.

* Average figure, comparing the periods immediately before and after launch

Studybugs [Attendance] cuts our admin burden by at least a couple of hours each day, leaving the attendance team more time to apply the personal touch where it’s really needed. Suzanne Lewis, Head of Pastoral Care, Dorothy Stringer School


Automatic Entry in your MIS

Absence reports entered automatically. Saves hours. Staff can override if necessary.

Live Alerts from Studybugs Assistant

Automatic attendance reports by email, scheduled or based on triggers you define. No need to run reports to work out what’s going on.

Track Pupil Premium, FSM and More

Get live information and alerts on pupil premium attendance, FSM, SEN, persistent absentees, year groups, classes and more.

Live Register Feed

Attendance staff can see registers as they’re taken — no need to run reports. Full history of who changed what and when.

Attendance Dashboard

Instant live view of attendance — no need to reload the page. Keep the team focussed.

Turbocharged Pupil Records

Instant access to live attendance info on any pupil. Includes correspondence with parents.

Super-Quick Register Editing

Now office staff can type straight into the register while on the phone to parents. Easy bulk-editing of marks for things like school trips.

Real-Time Two-Way MIS Sync

Includes Studybugs Sync, our unique super-streamlined live connection to your MIS. Set-up takes 10 minutes or less as a one-off task.

MIS Integration

We don’t go through a third-party aggregator, so setup and compliance is kept simple, and the integration is much closer so it works in real‑time.

If you need Studybugs to work with a different flavour of system just .

I think it’s a fantastic system for any school. The evidence is showing schools using Studybugs are able to increase their engagement with parents whilst streamlining admin. This is helping staff to focus attention where it’s really needed — to improve the attendance of all pupils. Mark Vickers, Ofsted Inspector and CEO of Olive Academies

Seeing Is Believing

Prices start at less than a coffee a day and it’s so simple you can be up and running within an hour.

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