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Covid-19 Tracking for Your School

All you need to reassure staff and parents you’re on top of things – free of charge forever.

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This is the best product I’ve seen in education in a long time. Gavin Oulton, Headteacher, Merstham Primary School

How It Works

  1. 1

    Child Ill? Parent reports using Studybugs app or website.

  2. 2

    School receives sick report.

    Reply (if you need to) using free instant messaging, built-in.

  3. 3

    Key staff alerted to Covid-19 symptoms straight away.

    Act fast to isolate a bubble, notify authorities, contact parents, etc.


Anonymised open data also goes to PHE and NHS to help fight the pandemic.

Parents can opt out of this if they wish.

...parents and staff love it, it just makes life so much easier and is saving loads of time every single day. Sally Ellingford, Attendance Officer at BHASVIC

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  • Works alongside your other systems – no changes needed
  • Nothing to install1
  • Free support and training (if required)
  • Licence covers all necessary GDPR terms2
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1Unless you'd like Studybugs integrated with SIMS to get free group messaging and automated verification of parent details – this is available free of charge and takes 10 minutes to install. Cloud MIS integration (Arbor, Cloud School, ScholarPack) is also available free of charge with nothing to install. 2We’ll email you a copy for your records when you register.

Why Studybugs?Since 2014

Studybugs has been tracking symptoms in schools since 2014. Our aim has always been to help keep children healthy and in school. For more than five years, our anonymised data has been used by researchers within the NHS, Public Health England and elsewhere, helping tackle childhood asthma, stomach bugs, mental health and more.

We’re now focusing on Covid-19 because there’s an urgent need for better data on symptoms in schools, and Studybugs is uniquely placed to meet that need.

We’re committed to ensuring the data we’re collecting, with your help, is put to good use and can make a positive difference in tackling the pandemic.

Why It’s Free

We provide our service free of charge so it can reach the widest possible audience. Which is why when the Department for Education asked us to commit to providing it free forever, we were happy to agree.

We’re funded by the Department for Education, UK Research & Innovation and the Open Data Institute amongst others. We also fund ourselves by providing optional paid-for add-ons for schools.

Studybugs Add-ons


Studybugs Apps for Parents

Free iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile apps with web app for parents without smartphones.

Improve Children’s Health

Participate in NHS projects to improve children’s health and reduce unnecessary absence – all happens automatically via the Studybugs app for parents.

Guidance for Parents

Parents receive official public health guidance, automatically.

Live Alerts

Set up live, automated email alerts for key staff when specified symptoms are reported.

Free Web Portal for Staff

Secure browser-based access for any number of staff with live feed of messages from parents.

Bugs Map

See what illnesses are going around, not just at your school but anywhere in the area, and beyond.

All Illnesses

Works for all illnesses, not just Covid-19 – eg winter flu, anxiety, stomach bugs, the next pandemic, …

Truancy Prevention

Identity of parents verified (sorry, Ferris Bueller)

Instant Chat

Send instant, free replies to parents via the Studybugs app (eg to offer help, request a doctor’s note, etc).

Keep Track

Keep track of which absence reports have been entered in the register (eg SIMS), when and by whom.

Desktop Notifications

No need to keep checking – see messages from parents pop up right on your desktop.

Reports by Email

If you like, you can have Studybugs send absence reports to a school email address you specify.

Automatic Reminders

Studybugs automatically reminds parents to keep the school posted each day their child is off school.

Help and Support

There’s a quick ‘Getting Started’ guide and comprehensive help documentation. If you need help after that, online technical support (for staff and parents) is provided at no charge.

Parent Pack

All you need to announce Studybugs to parents. Suggested wording, pictures, posters, even a widget for the school website. No messing around with access codes – just direct parents to get the Studybugs app.

For features of add-ons please see Attendance, Registers, Wellbeing and Messages.

For more from our users see Testimonials.

Anything unclear? Check our Common Questions.

Used by schools and colleges across the UK, from 40 to 3,000 pupils

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