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Happy, Healthy and In School

Studybugs helps schools look after their pupils. Take a simple, whole-school approach to pastoral care – maximum wellbeing, health and attendance, minimum stress.

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This is the best product I’ve seen in education in a long time. Gavin Oulton, Headteacher, Merstham Primary School

Reinventing Intervention

Stuff happens, something is done. Studybugs continually monitors activity and makes sure those who need to know, do. Real-time alerts enable immediate action to nip problems in the bud early.

Parent reports wellbeing concern? Have the class teacher alerted and automatically schedule a video meeting. Vulnerable pupil late? Have the parents notified and task your SENDCo with speaking with them. Pupil’s attendance rises above 97%? Have a congratulatory message sent to the parents. Chicken pox case? Have the school nurse and any vulnerable parties notified right away.

More Time, Less Stress

No more review meetings, hours spent preparing reports. Automatic live alerts from Studybugs give you what you need.

You’re running a school not a call centre. Studybugs automates routine daily attendance tasks, while keeping you in control.

If you do need to call up some info right away, Studybugs Assistant makes it quick and easy – no training required.

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...parents and staff love it, it just makes life so much easier and is saving loads of time every single day. Sally Ellingford, Attendance Officer at BHASVIC

Engage Better

Every day, thousands of parents report their children’s health and mental wellbeing issues to schools via Studybugs. We process around 1,000,000 reports every year, helping schools identify and tackle potential problems early.

And with free instant messaging built-in, Studybugs gives you a secure space for open dialogue between parents and staff.

Meanwhile Studybugs Parent Time helps you connect with families, especially those that are otherwise hard to reach. Backed by the Department for Education, it improves engagement while reducing the burden on teachers.

Why StudybugsSince 2014

Since our founding in 2014, our aim has always been to help keep children happy, healthy and in school.

We started off by tracking what bugs are going around schools and passing on expert advice to families. Over the last 7 years, we’ve expanded our work to help maximise pupil attendance, improve mental and physical wellbeing, engage hard-to-reach parents and free up teachers’ time.

Meanwhile the anonymised data we collect from parents is now used by researchers within the NHS, UKHSA, universities and local authorities, helping tackle Covid-19, childhood asthma, stomach bugs, mental health issues and more.

We build strong relationships with schools, who rely on us daily to run at their best. See what they have to say about Studybugs.

Free Platform

We provide our service free of charge so it can reach the widest possible audience. Which is why when the Department for Education asked us to commit to providing it free forever, we were happy to agree.

The Studybugs platform has been developed with funding from the Department for Education, UK Research & Innovation and the Open Data Institute among others.

The free platform includes our web-based School Portal, live health alerts, MIS integration, instant messaging, Studybugs Assistant and more. We fund ourselves by providing optional paid-for add-ons for schools.

Studybugs Add-ons

Used by schools and colleges across the UK, from 40 to 3,000 pupils

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