Staff-Parent Communications – Done Properly

Free Add-on

Studybugs works brilliantly alongside your school’s existing SMS, email and paper-based systems for communicating with parents.

With the optional Messages add-on, it’s able to do much more.

One simple way to send messages

Send anything from one-liner instant messages to multi-page documents such as the school newsletter.

All mobile (forget SMS)

Parents get instant notifications via the Studybugs app. It’s more powerful than SMS and costs nothing to send a message, for you or for parents.

Individual and group messaging

Send messages to individual parents or to groups you define.

Transparent fallback to email

Parents without the app get messages via email, and can reply via email too. It’s all automatic so you don’t need to worry about it.

Message logging

Instantly call up the complete communication history for any pupil.

Instant chat

Have real-time conversations with parents where you need to get things sorted out quickly.

Delivery and read statuses

See that your important messages have been delivered and read, including group messages (and unlike with email and SMS, this works reliably).

Smart routing

Messages go straight to the appropriate members of staff. No more office inbox overload.

It’s better and it’s free

We think you’ll want to use Studybugs in place of your existing communication system. It’s free, so you can run it in parallel for a while, then switch over when you’re ready.


Free forever. Zero per-message cost for school or parents. No other costs.

Get started now with Studybugs and we’ll activate the add-on for you.

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