Parent Time School-parent video meetings, designed and built for the new normal. Department for Education Nesta Brought to you by Studybugs, supported by the Department for Education and Nesta.

It’s simple: Teachers set aside time-limited slots at times that suit them, parents book and join.

Nothing to install or set up. All meetings automatically logged along with teachers’ notes.

Works for one-off meetings, parents’ evenings and everything between.

Available now for only £30 a month. Get Started

Fee for average-sized primary. Discounts available.

In control of your time.

Parent Time enhances parental engagement while putting staff in control.

  • Access for all staff and parents
  • Join from any device – smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Multiple participants – dad, mum, student can all join
  • Calls strictly limited to the duration you specify
  • Participants automatically sent invitations and reminders
  • Live MIS integration
  • Restrict slots to parents of pupils in a year group, class or any group you define
  • Works alongside Studybugs platform – add free instant group messaging, illness tracking and more
  • Secure, GDPR-compliant – data doesn’t leave EU/UK

Why not just use [whatever]?

Teams, Zoom etc Traditional parents’ evening booking system Parent Time
Video meetings
Meeting scheduling and organisation Requires separate system (emails, spreadsheets, etc)
Time limits Set to any duration you like
Limit slots by group Year group, class, chess club, etc
Flexible, one-off meetings
Multiple participants Invite Mum, Dad, Pupil, Head of Year, EWO, etc
Know who you’re speaking with Parent details matched with your MIS
Central record of all meetings Call up activity history for any pupil, see meetings and participants
Free instant group messaging Comes built-in as part of Studybugs
Nothing to install
Works on any device
Data stays inside EU/UK Varies


We charge schools a licence fee based on number of pupils. For an average-sized primary it works out around £30 a month. Setup and support is included and Parent Time is free for parents.

We also offer bundle discounts if you use other Studybugs products, group discounts for trusts and local authorities, and free usage if you refer other schools to us.

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