Studybugs is used by primaries, secondaries, colleges, special schools, LA-maintained schools, free schools and academies across the UK, ranging in size from 40 to 3,000 pupils.

Schools using Studybugs range from those with poor attendance who would like to improve it, to schools already rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, with top-quartile attendance, who want to keep it that way.

Below we’ve included a selection of the feedback we’ve received from schools and parents using Studybugs.

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“We decided to introduce Studybugs as soon as we heard about it because it was so obviously a better way of doing things. It makes life easier for everyone — parents and staff — saving time while actually increasing engagement with parents. By automating routine tasks, Studybugs cuts our admin burden by at least a couple of hours each day, leaving the attendance team more time to apply the personal touch where it’s really needed. Studybugs’s support has been fantastic and they’ve been really receptive to our ideas as they keep on adding useful new features. Highly recommended.” — Suzanne Lewis, Head of Pastoral Care, Dorothy Stringer School, Brighton “Studybugs has been a help from day one. Parents used to have to authorise any absence in writing — now the message is enough because it has to come from a verified email. The parents and staff love it, it just makes life so much easier and is saving loads of time every single day. The map is also really useful; I like to check it daily to see what bugs are going around!” — Sally Ellingford, Attendance Officer at BHASVIC “This is the best product I’ve seen in education in a long time. I particularly like the way it reduces the time needed for daily repetitive tasks and gives you the information you need at the touch of a button.” – Gavin Oulton, Headteacher, Merstham Primary School, Redhill “I’ve been using Studybugs now for a year and have found it absolutely invaluable. As a parent, the alternative before Studybugs was to wait until 8.30am to call the school office and then wait to get through to inform them of what might be wrong. Now, with Studybugs, I can alert them at any time in the morning without the worry of getting through.
Best thing of all, the next day Studybugs asks how your child is, does he/she need to take another day off school and so on. It’s so simple to set up, even easier to operate and very quick and simple too. Brilliant.”
— Pete Jones, Parent, St Paul’s CofE Primary School and Nursery, Brighton
“Although I was a little dubious at first about how much time it would save us, it has been fantastic. We now have over 60% of our parents using it and it has reduced the messages we receive via the phone at peak times. The way it integrates with SIMS is great, as the messages parents report through Studybugs automatically update in SIMS attendance. It’s very easy to use both for the school and parents.
Studybugs provide us with weekly alerts tailored to our school — we currently receive reports for lateness and unauthorised absence, this was particularly useful after Christmas when some of our children hadn’t returned from their extended Christmas holidays!
We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from parents.”
— Nicki Covey, Office Manager at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Haywards Heath
“It’s working really well and saving me loads of time each morning.” — Sue Culkin, Attendance Officer, Primary School in Brighton “It’s so fast and easy to use the app as a busy parent of three children. Now if any of my children are ill, I can let the school know with just a few taps. It goes straight through into the school’s systems so they always know where the kids are, which has got to be better hasn’t it?” — Lisa Fransson, Parent “We, at BHASVIC, have found it hugely beneficial using Studybugs. It has certainly improved efficiency in terms of recording absences and parents have reported that the app is really simple to use and it saves them a huge amount of time.” — Tara Davies, Information Manager at BHASVIC “Studybugs has been a big help as it’s freed up time in the office which the team have been able to spend instead on actively making a difference. It’s also helped highlight to parents our focus on attendance, but in a positive and non-threatening way — for us it’s been the ‘carrot’ alongside the ‘stick’ of clamping down on unauthorised absence.” — Ged Cotton, Head Teacher, Primary School in Brighton “I think it’s a fantastic system for any school. So far the evidence is showing that schools using Studybugs are able to increase their engagement with parents whilst streamlining tasks in their admin offices. This is helping these staff to focus their attentions where they’re really needed which is to improve the attendance of the most vulnerable pupils in their schools.” — Mark Vickers, Ofsted Inspector and CEO of Olive Academies