Regain 3 Weeks of Lost Learning In Every Classroom

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Registers is a groundbreaking new supervised self-registration system.

Children arrive, tap themselves in, choose their lunch and get on with learning.

Schools using it are gaining 3 weeks* of teaching time every year, in every classroom.

* Average figure determined by timing registration sessions before and after introducing Studybugs Registers.
Similar figures were observed regardless of whether schools were previously taking paper or electronic registers.

Sue Jackson Children and staff think it’s absolutely fabulous! Sue Jackson, Head Teacher and CEO of Lee Chapel Multi-Academy Trust, Basildon

It’s So Simple a 4-Year-Old Can Use It

In fact thousands of 4-year-olds use it every day.

Screenshots The children quickly got the hang of signing themselves in… within 5 minutes of walking through the classroom door they have put their belongings away, registered and are ready to begin learning. Alison Harrex, Class Teacher
I’m finding I’m getting nearly another full half an hour of teaching done first thing. Aisha Hoten, Class Teacher, Year 2 (previously used SIMS to take registers) I have found the self registration to be so effective in getting the children’s learning started as soon as possible. Where previously in the mornings I might not start teaching until 9:15, I am finding that I am getting nearly another full half an hour of teaching done first thing. I have also really noticed a difference in the afternoon. Whereas before, by the time the children had settled enough for me to be able to do the register, and then by the time I had completed the register, I could lose just over 10 minutes of learning time. Now, they know to come in and sign in and sit down. They are ready to learn so much sooner! I am now starting my afternoon lessons at just after 1:30, which makes a huge difference as the afternoon slot is only 90 minutes long. SO saving 15 of them is massive! Show Hide the full quote

See How Much Time You Could Gain

Based on timings taken at other schools. Edit highlighted fields to see your projections.


  1. We sat in and timed actual registration sessions, over a period of one week, before introducing Studybugs Registers.
  2. Schools then introduced Studybugs Registers.
  3. We waited a week, to be sure teachers and children were fully up to speed with the new system.
  4. We timed registration sessions again, in the same classes, over another week.

Projections are based on average figures across all classes.

Dr Hildi Mitchell Thank you again for our two extra weeks of learning every year! Dr Hildi Mitchell, Head Teacher, Downs Infant School, Brighton
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Streamlined Online Registration

Fully online registration that couldn’t be easier to roll out to teachers and use.

Tap or click for present, tap again for absent.

Access Anywhere

On-site or off, on interactive whiteboards, computers, tablets, smartphones.

All you need is a web browser.

Interactive Mode

Runs in full-screen on interactive whiteboards, so children can self-register.

Built-in Cross-Checking

Teachers see the final tally, quickly cross-check and mark any absent pupils with a single click.

Synchronised With Your MIS

Automatic, immediate two-way synchronisation with SIMS, ScholarPack, Arbor and more.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you need to take the register the old-fashioned way, keyboard shortcuts make it super-quick.

Take Lunch Choices

Children can see today’s colour-coded menu and make their selections with a single tap.

Flexible Lunch Menus

Configure menus per day, per class or year group, with multiple courses or meal options.

Maximum choice, minimum waste.

Daily Lunch Choice Report

School office and kitchen automatically emailed with children’s lunch choices as soon as registration is finished.

Payments Integration

Lunch choices automatically entered into popular payment systems.

Pupil Pictures

Automatically uploaded from your MIS, or uploaded directly to Studybugs if you prefer.

Mixing It Up

Sort by first name, surname or randomize daily to keep everyone on their toes.

Easy Access

Controls at bottom enable all children to reach their pictures.

Smart Layout

However many in your class, no pupil is ever shown in a row on their own.

Changes Posted Automatically

No worries about teachers forgetting to hit ‘save’ – all changes are posted automatically.

Updates Live

Teachers see immediately when the school office posts a child late or absent.

See Who’s Absent and Why

See absences reported by parents via Studybugs, with their reasons, even before children arrive.

Control Who Can Do What

Restrict teacher access so they can only post present or absent, or give them full control over marks posted – it’s up to you.

Overwrite Protection

Prevents children or teachers accidentally overwriting register marks posted by others.

Reliable Online System

Continues to work even if your MIS is down.

Synchronises automatically when it’s back up.

Access For Staff Who Need It

Give access to specific class registers to cover teachers or other staff who share responsibilities.

Audit Log

See complete history of register mark edits, with who made each change and when.

Requires Attendance add-on.

Support and Training

It’s super-simple to use, but should you need support or training, it’s all included.

Get Started Today

3 weeks extra teaching time a year for as little as £30 a class.